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AquaCity Poprad, Športová 1397/1, 058 01 Poprad

Massages and Treatments

  /  Massages and Treatments

Back 20 minutes • Back + Legs 30 minutes • Whole body 60 minutes

The Classic Massage belongs to the oldest ways of performing a massage. Pressing on the soft parts of the body massage brings deep relaxation, relieves fatigue, strain, and muscle spasms and restores mobility of stiff and painful muscles. It has a positive effect against stress and depression and gives total physical relaxation and mental balance. Therefore, the results are not only relaxation and rest, but also a strengthening of health and increased resistance of the body.

Back 20 min – 19 €
Back + legs 30 min – 29 €
Whole body 60 min – 45 €


Back + Neck 30 minutes • Whole body 60 minutes

The Relaxing Aromatic Massage is a calming massage using relaxing oils accompanied by pleasant music. It releases your body and mind and you will feel reborn (the choice between peppermint, lavender, vanilla, and coconut is available).

Back + neck 30 min – 35 €
Whole body 60 min – 55 €


Feet 20 minutes • Feet 30 minutes

Reflex therapy effectively reduces acute pain, speeds physical recovery, and has a significant impact on the psyche. We offer a special form of reflex therapy, where the treatment acts through nerve connections and endings in the area of selected reflex arcs. It is a very effective method of alternative medicine that uses pressure and massage of the reflex zones located on the feet. Pressure on a given area or point is said to stimulate specific organs.

Feet 20 min – 19 €
Feet 30 min – 29 €


Legs 20 minutes • Whole body 60 minutes

The Sports Massage is a type of classical massage which was specially redesigned for athletes or for those who perform demanding physical activities. This type of massage is performed at a higher pace with greater intensity and frequency of individual pressure strokes. It is suitable especially after excessive strain, prior to strenuous exercise, and also to combat soreness after exercise.

Legs 20 min – 21 €
Whole body 40 min – 31 €


Head massage • 20 minutes

The Indian Anti-Stress head massage relieves tension and stress: an inevitable part of our lives. It has beneficial effects against fatigue, insomnia, and also supports the growth and quality of hair. An Indian head massage is especially effective in massaging important energy centres. The head and face accumulates a large amount of anxiety and negative emotions, brought to us through day to day life. A gentle touch goes a long way towards lifting misery, opening channels of communication and understanding. The head and hair are extremely sensitive to touch, because the face and scalp contain a large number of nerve endings. Massage of the head and hair is sensual and deeply soothing.

Head massage 20 min – 19 €


Back 30 minutes • Whole body 60 minutes

Therapy and massage with hot lava stones is an ancient healing method used for a thousand years. When having a hot stone massage, it passes heat from volcanic stones to relieve muscles and perfectly warms your body and balances your energy. It relaxes the body and mind; it harmonises and appropriately stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Lava stones have extremely strong energy vibrations, which together with heat clears important points along energy pathways and realigns energy flow in the body. This massage is recommended for people with sleep problems, concentration, strong tension, and women in menopause.

Back 30 min – 35 €
Whole body 60 min – 55 €


Whole body 30 minutes • Whole body 60 minutes

With the combination of very fine and smooth massage techniques, it ranks among the most popular ways to relax. Hawaiian massage leads to the harmonisation of body and soul. It stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, detoxifies and eliminates pain, fatigue and stress.

Whole body 30 min – 31 €
Whole body 60 min – 49 €


Back 30 minutes • Whole body 60 minutes

Luxury massage with beautifying and detoxifying effect that caresses your senses. This massage consists of several steps. Using oil releases muscle tension and improves blood circulation, using lymphatic drainage strokes leads to leaching of harmful substances. A Coffee Scrub removes dead skin cells, improves skin blood circulation, and the metabolism.

Back 30 min – 35 €
Whole body 60 min – 55 €


Whole body 30 minutes • Whole body + wrap 60 minutes

A Peeling Massage cleans and regenerates the skin. This massage is an excellent cleansing of the skin, provides pleasant relaxation, and gives your body a perfect release. Relieves stress and tension, harmonises the mental and hormonal system and counteracts depression. It brings a feeling of purity and serenity and reduces the symptoms of certain types of dermatitis. The combination of massage ingredients moisturises the skin.
Selection of different peelings are available (mango & nectarine, vanilla & honey, green tea, chocolate, raspberry)

Whole body 30 min – 35 €
Whole body + wrap 60 min – 58 €


Legs 30 minutes • Legs + wrap 60 minutes

This massage focuses on the lower limbs: thighs and buttocks, with fine and soft techniques to drain the lymphatic system. Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat in connective tissue. To remove these substances from the body, a cream wrap enriched with cinnamon oil and firming cream with a foundation of thermo balsam helps. The cinnamon wrap heats tissue to a refreshing depth and improves blood circulation in the skin.

Legs 30min – 35 €
Legs + wrap 60min – 55 €


Whole body 60 minutes

A diagnostic massage of the entire body according to your choice and masseur recommendation. This massage provides a diagnosis of the back and a choice of which massage is best to follow with (peeling, lava stone, wrap or classic massage + lava stones)

Whole body 60 min – 58 €


Back 30 minutes • Back + wrap 60 minutes

The honey bee massage cleanses the pores and increases blood circulation of the skin. The healing power of honey acts directly on the reflex zones of the back and therefore stimulates the activities of all organs of the body.

Back 30 min – 19 €
Back + wrap 60 min – 39 €

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