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AquaCity Poprad, Športová 1397/1, 058 01 Poprad


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Suntan is our most natural cosmetics. The solarium is a place where you can safely tan the whole body. You no longer have to worry about white places under swimwear. Now you can have an attractive entire body. Controlled sunbathing and receiving of vitamin D is the best form, to give you darker pigment. Vitamin D3 is important for bones and prevents osteoporosis. At the same time it stores calcium in the bones, and your bone structure is stronger. Tanning helps in the prevention of influenza, children’s kidney insufficiency, treatment of skin diseases and has an intense cosmetic and beauty effect.
Sunrise spacious tanning booth is extremely comfortable for sunbathing – 208 cm in height and 86 cm in width with technical specifications 48 x max. 180 W UV tube Turbo. Handles in the solarium help you find the ideal position for your body, facilitates standing and ensures an even tan. Special cooling – Silent Cooling, provides extremely quiet and efficient cooling with three fans. Ambient Light creates fascinating effects and light show, which guarantees the right atmosphere during your tanning session. Any activity with music is enjoyable. A 3D Stereo Sound System in the solarium is equipped with two speakers, a selection of channels, adjusting volume and the possibility of headphone connection.


  • For safe tanning in the solarium the following rules apply:
  • Use sun glasses each time to protect your eyes
  • Before sunbathing, remove makeup and cosmetics from your skin
  • Do not use different tanning or self-tanning creams, but special solar cosmetics
  • You should not sunbathe in the solarium and the sun on the same day
  • The time between two sunbathing sessions is not allowed to be less than 48 hours
  • When taking medications, consult your doctor
  • During tanning in the solarium use the recommended solar cosmetics. After tanning sessions in the solarium it is recommended to use after sun solar cosmetics that by their composition is favourable to the skin (it soothes) and provides all the necessary vitamins and regenerative effects.
  • Cosmetic products and solar cosmetics can be purchased at the Fitness centre reception

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