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AquaCity Poprad, Športová 1397/1,
058 01 Poprad
+421 527 851 222, +421 910 802 309
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These accommodation rules of AQUAPARK Poprad, s.r.o., with its Office at Športová 1397/1, 058 01 Poprad, IČO: 36 482 609, registered in Business Register of District Court in Prešov, section: 13805/P (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”) apply to the provision of accommodation and other related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) at the AquaCity hotels accommodation establishment (hereinafter referred to as “Hotel”) and specify the rights and duties of the Operator and guests staying at the Hotel (hereinafter referred to as “Customers” or “Customer”) from the moment when they check in at the Hotel until they check out.

  1. Only Customers that are checked in properly can stay at the AquaCity Poprad hotels. To check in, every Customer must show their identification card, valid passport or another identification document at the reception desk. After checking in, every Customer receives a hotel card with their name, room number, the length of stay displayed and the room key card. All accommodation and other related services must be paid for by every Customer at the prices arranged in advance when checking in. Every bill is due when received by the Customer.
  2. In accordance with § 754 and Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code as subsequently amended (hereinafter referred to as “Civil Code”), these Accommodation Rules form an integral part of each accommodation agreement which is concluded between individual Customers and the Operator. These Accommodation Rules are published on the Hotel website: and available at the Hotel reception. Before checking in and using Hotel Services, every Customer declares to have acquainted themselves with these Accommodation Rules and undertakes to respect them.
  3. The Hotel reception works non-stop, i.e. 24/7. When checking in, every Customer is informed by the reception staff about the accommodation terms and the terms of all related services, the room amenities, basic orientation and safety details, car parking terms, sports equipment storage terms etc.
  4. The Hotel can be used only by individuals not affected by infectious diseases. The Hotel is entitled to refuse to offer accommodation to Customers with communicable diseases, parasitic infections or other diseases that might endanger the health of the staff of the Operator or other Hotel guests.
  5. Customers can check in based on their booking at the Hotel from 2:00pm unless another check-in time and early check-in terms (including the price) have been specified by the Operator in the respective booking confirmation. If any Customer does not check in until 12:00 midnight and does not inform the Operator about a later check-in in advance, the Operator is entitled to offer the booked room(s) of the Customer to other Customers. In such case, the original Customer is not entitled to be returned the paid accommodation price or to be compensated financially or non-financially in any way.
  6. In special cases, the Hotel can offer another type of accommodation to Customers than the one arranged originally if the replacement type of accommodation does not differ from the confirmed order substantially.
  7. In accordance with item 18.6 Postal Service Terms and Conditions – General Section (intrastate shipments) and item 15.5 Postal Service Terms and Conditions – General Section (international shipments) of the Slovak Postal Service, accommodation establishments can accept only deliveries of guests who have booked accommodation services at the establishment. These deliveries must be handed over to their addresses and if this is not possible, they must be returned back.
  8. If any guest gets ill or injured, the Hotel shall arrange medical help or transport to a hospital.
  9. The Hotel provides Services to Hotel guests in the scope specified by these Accommodation Rules, the General Terms and Conditions and details of individual Services that are given to every guest before concluding their accommodation agreement.
  10. When entering their Hotel room, every Customer should check the room condition, amenities and if everything works properly and report potential defects to the Hotel reception immediately. Every Hotel guest can use their room only for the period arranged with the Hotel when checking in.
  11. The Hotel lobby and the lobby bar are meant for receiving visitors of Hotel guests. Visitors can be received in Hotel rooms only if allowed by the Hotel reception and once the visitors sign the visitors’ registration book. Visitors are allowed only from 8:00am to 10:00pm.
  12. Every Customer must pay for their booked accommodation and other related services when checking in at the Hotel reception. Every Hotel guest must leave their room and check out by 10:00am on the day of departure. If they don’t do so, the Hotel can charge them for one more day. If you are interested in early Check-in or late Check-out, please contact the hotel reception. The provision of these additional services depends on the hotel’s current operating and capacity options. Fee for late Check-out until 1:00 p.m. / 30€, until 4:00 p.m. / 50% of the room price/1 night. Early Check-in until 10:00 a.m. / 50% of the room price/1 night, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. / 30€.
  13. No shifting, fixing or changes on the furniture, equipment, electrical and other installations are allowed in Hotel rooms and other Hotel areas if not approved by the Hotel management.
  14. Members of the Hotel staff are entitled to enter Hotel rooms in order to clean them, add products to mini bars and other items, repair damage if necessary, provide emergency medical help or if violation of these Accommodation Rules is suspected or the property of the Hotel or Hotel guests or the health or the life of anybody are in danger.
  15. It is not allowed to use guests’ personal electric appliances in Hotel rooms (except appliances for personal hygiene such as razors, massagers, hair dryers etc.).
  16. Every guest is obliged to close all water taps, turn off all lights in their room and adjacent spaces, switch off all electric appliances such as radio, TV etc. and close the door when leaving their room. When checking out, every guest must return their chip card to the reception. Every Customer is obliged to leave their Hotel room in the same condition as it was when they checked in. If any damage is caused to the Hotel room, the Customer is obliged to return their room to the original condition at their own expense before checking out. Otherwise they are obliged to reimburse all related costs to the Operator.
  17. It is not allowed to leave children younger than 10 years unattended (i.e. not accompanied by an adult) in Hotel rooms or other Hotel areas due to safety reasons.
  18. Sports equipment for which there are special storage rooms available in the Hotel cannot be taken to Hotel rooms. Pets can stay at the Hotel only if allowed by the Hotel and if the respective surcharge is paid.
    Dogs and other animals can stay at the Hotel based on specific terms and conditions. The price shall be arranged individually. The following terms and conditions apply if staying with pets:
    – Pets cannot stay anywhere in the Hotel, including Hotel rooms alone (not accompanied by their owner or any other person).
    – Pets cannot relax, i.e. lie on beds and other furniture meant for Hotel guests. Baths, showers and sinks cannot be used for washing pets.
    – Dishes meant for Hotel guests cannot be used for feeding dogs and other animals.
    – Every pet owner or Hotel guest with a pet is liable for any damage caused to the Hotel property by their pet.
  19. Valuable items should be stored in safes that are available in all Hotel rooms.
  20. The quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 6:00am. Hotel guests are not allowed to disturb other guests during quiet hours. Disturbing behaviour includes too loud TVs, too loud conversations in Hotel halls, rooms, on terraces, singing etc.
  21. Fire emergency rules are available where Hotel guests can see them clearly. All guests are obliged to follow them while staying at the Hotel.
  22. Smoking is allowed only in designated rooms and areas. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in Hotel rooms and common areas. The Hotel is entitled to charge a €50 fine for violating this rule. The smoking ban applies also to electronic cigarettes and other non-tobacco products that can be smoked. Smokers can use the Cigar & Lounge bar, smoke in front of the Hotel at a standing ashtray or on the terrace next to the Lobby bar.
  23. The Complaints Policy – information about the terms and ways of exercising the rights regarding Operator’s liability for defects (hereinafter referred to as “complaint(s)”) including details about where and how complaints regarding Hotel services can be filed are specified by the Hotel Complaints Policy, which is published on the Hotel website: and available at the Hotel reception.
  24. The Operator is liable for any damage caused to Customers while they are staying at the Hotel in accordance with the Civil Code and other generally binding legal regulation that are effective and in force in the Slovak Republic.
  25. The Operator is responsible for jewels, money and other valuables of Hotel guests only in the maximum amount of EUR 332 (total amount for all brought and stored valuables during one period of stay at the Hotel) unless these are stored by the Operator. Jewels, money and other valuables can be stored by the Operator in a safe located at the Hotel reception. However, this service is subject to availability. If Customers want to have their valuables stored at the reception, they are obliged to ask about this possibility when checking in or anytime while staying at the Hotel. The storing option mentioned above does not apply to safes and storage boxes located in Hotel rooms.
  26. Liability for damage must be claimed at the Operator by Customers in accordance with applicable regulations of the Civil Code and other generally binding legal regulations that are effective and in force in the Slovak Republic, by respecting applicable periods and terms.
  27. Items and belongings that guests forget in the Hotel are stored for six months. After that, the forgotten items are handed to the local lost-property office or another body. Forgotten items can be delivered to their owners only if these ask the Hotel to do so within the period specified above, at the costs of the respective Customer.
  28. Every Customer is liable for damage caused by them or other Customers they are responsible for, damage of property of the Operator and/or the Hotel, life, property and health of the Hotel employees and other Hotel guests. Any damage as specified above must be reimbursed to the respective injured person (Operator/Customer/employee) in accordance with applicable laws.
  29. Every Hotel guest is obliged to inform the Hotel reception when they leave for an individual hiking trip and register to the Hotel hiking trip book.
  30. The Hotel area can be entered by cars only by using official access roads and cars can be parked only in areas designated for parking of Hotel guests. Hotel car parks are not guarded and the accommodation price doesn’t include guarding of cars parked at the Hotel car park or any other way of protection.
  31. Complaints or suggestions for improvement shall be addressed to the Hotel reception.
  32. Every Hotel guest is obliged to follow these Accommodation Rules. In the case of any serious violation, the Hotel is entitled to withdraw from the respective accommodation agreement in accordance with § 759 Art. 2 Civil Code before the arranged check-out date.

These Accommodation Rules enter into force and become effective on 1.4.2021.