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Thai Massage

  /  Thai Massage

The Thai Back and Shoulders massage is focused on the back, neck, and shoulders, as well as the pelvis: the muscles and tendons that are most affected by sedentary work and lack of movement.

This intensive, deep massage includes acupressure techniques that release muscle tension, remove energy blockages, increase body flexibility, remove headaches via the cervical spine and provide relief from chronic pain, fatigue, and stress.

Back and Shoulders 30 min – 34,90 €


A special combination of massage techniques, also called heat therapy. It acts to release stiff muscles, injuries, and overload or coldness of the muscles.

The therapist uses hot herbal pockets that work deep into muscle tissue and massage oil that relaxes muscles throughout. Regular repetition of the procedure can bring relief from chronic inflammation.

Back heaven 60 min – 69,90 €


Intensive, moisturizing anti-aging treatment with cosmetic preparations containing hyaluronic acid ensures effective deep hydration and skin rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic acid fills the gaps between cells and protects them by retaining water. The skin is radiant, revitalized, firm and soft to the touch. Recommended for all ages.

Khat Naa 30 min – 39,90 €
Khat Naa 60 min – 65,90 €


Traditional Thai massage is a 2500 year-old therapeutic method.

Professional therapists will rid your body of the feeling of fatigue, muscle spasms and nervous tensions. They will stimulate blood and lymph flow and return mobility to your muscles, joints and tendons by touching and pressing these points.

Nuad Thai 60 min – 54,50 €
Nuad Thai 90 min – 67,50 €
Nuad Thai 120 min – 88,50 €


The peeling massage activates the microcirculation of the subcutaneous system (sub-skin tissue) and detoxifies and removes the top layer of inanimate skin, thereby allowing it to breathe.

It leaves the skin delicate, smooth to the eye and touch, acts as an anti-depressant and effectively regenerates mature or tired skin. Includes sea salt, avocado and jojoba oil.

Ron Dee 60 min – 64,90 €


Tok Sen is an ancient massage with over 5000 years of tradition. The translation means “energy spill“.

A TOK SEN massage uses special tools made of Tamarind nuclear wood. By using these tools (wedges and sticks), penetrating mechanical and sonic vibrations are produced that resonate through deep layers of tissue and bone. Gently swinging along energetic meridians results in pain relief, the release of tangled organs, improvement of blood circulation, and the removal of blocked energy. This massage is very suitable for people who regularly experience physical labour, a high nervous tension, or frequent stress.

Tok Sen 60 min – 64,90 €


This massage combines the healing techniques used in traditional Thai massage with coconut oil.

Coconut oil nourishes the skin, leaving it healthier, more elastic, clearer, and smoother. The oil has a high content of natural antioxidants and vitamins (A, C, E) and has deep moisturizing properties. It is also highly effective in healing and removing scars, pigment spots and wrinkles. This relaxing coconut massage soothes the psyche, works against fatigue, leads to body relaxation, and relieves nervous and muscular tension.

Coconut massage 60 min – 64,90 €


This massage combines the traditional Thai massage techniques with shea butter and is ideal for drier skin.

Shea butter does not break the pores of the skin, so it can breathe freely. Butter has moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects.
It absorbs well into the skin and has long-lasting moisturizing effects, stimulaing the skin’s own ability to heal. Your skin will look younger, stronger and healthier thanks to Shea Butter. A relaxing massage to soothe the psyche, work against fatigue, lead to a relaxed body, degrade stress and especially nourish the skin of the body.

Shea Butter massage 60 min – 64,90 €


A hot herbal massage with real Thai herbs in a cotton satchel. By compressing the hot pack, the pores open in the skin and the herbs trigger their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic effect to the depth of the muscle.

The blend of traditional Thai herbs has a stimulating and relaxing effect on body and mind. The therapist uses two pockets that are heated in special steam-producing equipment before the massage to unlock their therapeutic effect. The herbal massage spheres consist of 10 species of rare herbs: ginger, leaf and lime bark, turmeric, galangal, lemon grass, tamarind, acorus, special Thai herbs, samboil and samsiel.

Rit Tee 60 min – 69,90 €
Rit Tee 90 min – 85,90 €


Acupressure massage that stimulates reflex points on the feet. Massaging reflex points stimulates individual organs. The feet are massaged with fingers and wooden sticks using a special cream, the main components being menthol and camphor.

This massage brings peace, relaxation, emotional balance and detoxification of the body. Removes stress, a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, has a positive effect on the immune system and the circulation of blood and lymphs in the body, improves metabolism, stimulates and harmonizes blood circulation, improves physical immunity, has detoxicating and rejuvenating effects, promotes general activity and activity of internal organs, and degradation of harmful substance from the body.
The foot is a body map. If a limb or organ is sick or has bad circulation, the corresponding point on the foot is painful or sensitive under pressure. If the circulation of this point is improved, the relative body part is also improved.

Sok Dee 30 min – 34,90 €
Sok Dee 60 min – 49,90 €


A Thai aromatic oil massage combines curative techniques used in traditional Thai massage with aromatherapeutic oil for the skin.

This type of massage requires minimal movement. Simply lie on the bed and enjoy all the benefits of Thai Massage and Oil Aromatherapy. A pure state of deep relaxation will wash over you. This massage is popular with many of our customers and is an ideal choice if you are busy and need a break from your stressful lifestyle. Expect body and mind relaxation.

Fan Dee 60 min – 64,90 €
Fan Dee 90 min – 79,90 €
Fan Dee 120 min – 95,50 €


Luxurious full-body massage with 24-carat gold. Special oils are designed and selected for a luxurious slimming body massage.

Contains 24 carat gold, a blend of essential oils (Natural extracts of ginger, kale, turmeric, salicylic acid derivatives against cellulite, hazel, seaweed, natural vegetable oils and soy lecithin).

Golden Touch 60 min – 89,90 €


Exceptional massage with Thai coconut balls. Coconut massage balls are unique due to their pure natural vitamin E contained within the oil.

They nourish, soften and revitalize the skin while protecting it from excessive sunlight. Coconut oil keeps the skin soft and elastic. Coconut massage balls are ideal for facial and body massage and especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Praw Haa 60 min – 85,90 €


The beneficial and unique effects of Aloe Vera (containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, niacin and choline) are excellent for sensitive, dry, irritated and sunburned skin.

This delicate full-body relaxing massage with a gel containing 97% Aloe Vera pulp moisturizes, soothes and refreshes your skin. It also protects it with an airtight shield and naturally contains a UV factor.
Aloe Vera is gently massaged into the skin via a specialised technique. This unique massage has a total detoxifying effect; it is also suitable for treating acne, eczema and skin inflammation, strengthens immunity and reduces blood pressure.

Aloe Vera Massage 60 min – 64,90 €
Aloe Vera Massage 90 min – 79,90 €

A wide choice of massages made by native Thai masseuses

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Thai massage

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